What is Mongo DB & what is No SQL

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What is Mongo DB

Mongo DB is a free , No SQL (non-relational) database written in C++. Now there is a question. What is No SQL? Let’s take a quick look at what it means by No SQL.

No SQL databases are non-relational, non-tabular type databases. . There is a doubt what it means by No SQL. It does not means there is “NO SQL”. It means Not only SQL. Non-relational databases are storing data in a different manner. You will not see data in tabular format like in Mysql or…

What is Git?

Git is the most popular and widely using Version control system in the software development industry. Hold on, now what is a version control system?

Before talking about Git, let’s take a quick look at what is the version controlling and why we need it.

Version control/ Version management

Now imagine you are working on a project with multiple collaborators. In that case everyone has to use the same source files. What happened when multiple developers change same source file concurrently?. There will be many conflicts. Then how you can manage it?

That’s why you need version controlling.

Version control…

What is JavaScript

Java Script is a Programming language that is used in web development. it responsible for dynamic content of a web page. JavaScript is supposed to run in a web browser, but it is possible to run outside the browser using node js runtime environment. So it means Java Script can use for both frontend and backend development.

Features of Java Script

JavaScript is a loosely typed programming language. it means you don’t need to specify what kind of data you are going to store in variables.

JavaScript is a single threaded programming language. programs are run using a single thread.

JavaScript works asynchronously. It…

Uditha Janadara

Undergraduate Software Engineer at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

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